Medicine packaging is in progress

As a special commodity closely related to people's physical health and even life safety, the quality of medicine is very important. Once there is a quality problem with medicine, the consequences for pharmaceutical companies will be very serious.

Pharmaceutical packaging is a supporting link in the pharmaceutical industry, playing an important role in protecting medicine safety, facilitating use, providing medicine information, preventing abuse and misuse, and promoting product identification.

It is precisely because pharmaceutical packaging requires strict specification requirements that our cooperative factory is one of the few institutions in the eastern Guangdong region with dust-free workshop certification. Although your products are entrusted to us #HONGZE BLOSSOM, a good package manufucture can save you more valuable time.

About pharmaceutical packaging

In recent years, with the aging of China's population and the continuous progress of medical technology, more and more innovative drugs have been developed, and people's increasing attention to health, the market demand for medicine packaging is also growing, promoting the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical packaging market scale. At present, the market size of the drug packaging industry in China is about 100 billion yuan.

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At the same time, the emergence of more and more new medicine has also put forward higher requirements for pharmaceutical packaging. For example, some biopharmaceutical products require the use of high-end packaging materials and technologies to ensure the stability and safety of medicine.

A. According to the new policies and regulations of the country on the pharmaceutical industry, our factory's environmental awareness is constantly improving and developing towards greenery and sustainability.

For example, reducing the use of plastic materials and increasing the promotion of the use of biodegradable materials, including biodegradable plastics, paper packaging, etc., to reduce the negative impact on the environment. For example, in the production process, more emphasis will be placed on energy conservation and emission reduction, and new production equipment and processes will be introduced to further reduce energy consumption and waste emissions. At the same time, by reasonable packaging design, the use of materials is reduced, further reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, actively promote recycling, such as selecting recyclable materials in the selection of packaging materials, and reducing resource waste through recycling and reuse.

B. With the development of digital technology, the application of digital technology will improve the intelligence level of pharmaceutical packaging, enhance production efficiency, traceability management ability, and convenience of information exchange, further ensure the quality and safety of medicines, achieve automation of the packaging process and accuracy of traceability management, and ensure the safety of patients' medication.

C. Personalized packaging is also one of the development trends in the future pharmaceutical packaging industry. With the increasing demand for personalized products from consumers, we are also constantly innovating to meet market demand. Personalized packaging can not only meet the safety, compliance, and environmental friendliness of products, but also enhance their competitiveness and market share by designing unique appearances, colors, and patterns, while also meeting the needs of consumers for personalized products.

In a word, packaging is one of the most important parts of the production and supply. Eye-catching, clean, high-quality packaging improve the sales in the  markets. If you have any packaging requirements, you can contact us. As a flexible packaging manufacturer for over 20 years, we will provide your right packaging solutions according to your product needs and budget.

Post time: Sep-12-2023