PRE-COOKED MEAL stir up the food and beverage market. Can RETORT POUCH PACKAGING bring new breakthroughs?

  In the past two years, pre-cooked meal that are expected to reach the trillion-level market scale are very popular. When it comes to pre-cooked meal, a topic that cannot be ignored is how to improve the supply chain to help the storage and transportation of refrigerated and frozen foods and reduce costs. However, there are also voices in the industry that steaming and boiling bag packaging may continue to promote the transformation of the pre-cooked meal industry and catering industry, and bring about the normal temperature storage and transportation mode of food different from the existing products. So, what is the package of retort pouch? How to apply it in food production?


From the perspective of the large market, at present, more and more regions and enterprises in China are speeding up the layout of the pre-cooked meal racetrack, and the scale of this industry may maintain a high growth rate and continue to expand, but at the same time, there are also many comments about the taste of the pre-cooked meal is not good and the cost performance is not high. On the one hand, the rapid development of the industry, and on the other hand, the willingness of consumers to pay is not too high. Is the pre-cooked meal track really good against the two? We don't know the answer yet, but some studies said that the market penetration of pre-cooked meal in the post-epidemic era is expected to increase by a wave from 10% to 15%, which still shows people's optimism about this track.

While we stay at the prominent contradictions faced by the development of the prefabricated food industry at present, the industry has already started technological innovation, and even proposed another possibility for the development of prefabricated food - retort pouch food. The so-called retort pouch packaging is a kind of vacuum packaging bag, but compared with ordinary vacuum packaging bags, the retort pouch are mostly made of polyester film, polypropylene film and aluminum foil, with different materials and multi-layer structure, making the retort pouch have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, light and moisture resistance.

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After using the retort pouch, the quality and freshness of the food have a key foundation. Next, we need to extend the shelf life of the food through sterilization. It is understood that retort pouch food is mostly sterilized by high temperature sterilizer. High temperature sterilization can better kill pathogenic bacteria, spoilage bacteria and other harmful substances, making the food have the ability to store for a long time under normal temperature. When the food can be stored and transported at normal temperature, the circulation cost will be reduced relatively, and the sales radius of food will be expanded and the sales flexibility will be higher under ideal conditions; For consumers, if the pre-cooked meal can be stored at room temperature, it will also release the pressure of the refrigerator and make it easier to store.

Some time ago, a new instant rice launched by a company adopted retort pouch technology and ultra-high temperature instant sterilization, so that rice can be stored at room temperature and eaten after microwave heating. In the same way, if some prefabricated dishes that need to be refrigerated and frozen at present are packaged in retort pouch, can they also be stored at room temperature and become as convenient as instant noodles and other convenience foods? When we saw the half-finished curry food that can be heated and eaten at room temperature on the supermarket shelves, and learned that the sauce bags or food packaged in various steaming bags have been widely used in foreign markets, we actually had some answers.

Post time: Feb-14-2023